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When we think of addiction, we most often think of alcohol, drugs, and gambling; I wouldn’t necessarily put pizza in the same category of those things, but there are similarities.

In a recent study, pizza was ranked as the food most associated with symptoms of addiction, according to the Yale Food Addiction Scale, a tool that assesses the diagnostic criteria for substance-use disorders about highly processed foods.

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Why is Pizza so addictive? Today in almost all of the parties, Pizza is one of the most welcomed and most liked main-course, which is definitely on the lunch or dinner party menu that are offered for the guests. From kids to adults, everyone likes Pizza. Here, in this article, let’s take a look at some of the reasons for the Pizza addiction and how to overcome it.

1. It makes you hungry for more

Like with any good addiction, it’s not just your brain that feels the effects; pizza wreaks havoc on your body, too. It’s all thanks to that chewy dough made of white flour, the fatty cheese, plus the sugar in the sauce. The physiology of homeostasis creates a pattern that makes you hungry for more.
Here’s what happens when you take Pizza: you make your blood sugar go up quick — like when you eat something high in sugar and fat like pizza — it rebounds, meaning it drops below where you originally started a few hours later. So you feel hungry again. This makes one crave for more for it after eating some already.

2. It has a natural taste

Most of the junk foods we take usually doesn’t provide us with a taste of what natural food tastes like.
However, With pizza, you’re getting a high amount of these things that you don’t find in most junk foods. You can’t pick off a tree anything that’s going to give you that same sensation that pizza is going to give you.

Despite what the government tells you about pizza being a vegetable, you don’t walk by a field of pizza anywhere. But then all these natural ingredients make up a piece of pizza you take in. This very combination which in modern times people are not having enough of makes Pizza a unique natural food.

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How can this addiction be stopped?
It’s no doubt that pizza is tasty and can as well be a good addiction. But can there be a way to make it less addictive? Yes! Try eating it with a salad and not one of those Caesar salads they sell at the pizza place that probably has more cheese than lettuce. Go with something cheese-less and packed with veggies and other plants. Plants are good. Plants are not processed. Plants disrupt the addictive properties of pizza.


Whether you enjoy eating Pizza, most of the time (even to the point of addiction), it’s good to take precautionary actions within intervals to reduce this addiction.

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