Funtime Party Hire Is Green

Slowly everyone around the world is noticing impacts from humans to the earth we want to all look after and preserve it as much as we can. This is why Funtime Party Hire is taking the massive step forward to be fully environmentally  friendly as possible, we would be the only party hire company throughout the world who is taking steps daily to improve where we can. Funtime Party Hire is committed to energy saving initiatives in our offices and warehouse and work with our partners to keep on improving this and this is great for our customers the more we can lower our costs the greater savings we can pass onto you.

Below are just some of the steps we take to insure we are fully environmentally friendly

  • Paperless office – everything is done via our smart phones, tablets and computers. We don’t have any paper!
  • LED fluorescent light bulbs used throughout our office & warehouse, during day time we maximum the use of daylight.
  • Biodegradable friendly cleaners used throughout
  • Option of paper straws & cups for our slushy machines – we are fading out plastic cups & straws
  • Fun food supplies are biodegradable or paper
  • Office & warehouse recycle all plastic and cardboard
  • Green power used at our office & soon to be warehouse
  • Any old stock is donated to local charities to prevent wastage
  • Run sheets are completed in a smart manner to prevent wastage in fuel
  • High energy star rated appliances used within our office and warehouse
  • All systems and computers closed while not in use

We are always on the look out to improve and limit our impact on the environment and will continue to do so if you have any suggestions please send them to us.