Things You must Check While Hiring a Jumping Castle

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A jumping castle is sure to be a great attraction at any event, but figuring out how to go about hiring one can be a confusing endeavor, and it can start to seem like it’s just not worth the effort!

While it certainly seems like a hassle, it’s actually fairly simple to take all the steps needed to ensure a smooth hiring process. We’ve outlined the steps necessary and some areas you need to pay attention to for this purpose! Enjoy!

1. Check the area of installation

When you pick a venue for your event, a certain amount of space must be set aside for the jumping castle. Most websites will give you an idea or exact figure of how much space is needed for the castle to be installed safely.

To help with this process, make sure that the place you want the castle to go is properly measured so you know with full certainty that the product can be set up there.

2. Check the surface of the installation area

Most jumping castles can be installed on a wide variety of terrain, whether indoors or outdoors, but it is important that you know the exact kind of ground that the castle will be installed on.

This is because staff who will install the bouncy palace will need to bring the correct kind of anchoring equipment based on the terrain.

Of course, surfaces that may have sharp parts or areas – such as rocks, sand, or even dirt – cannot be used for the jumpy castle’s venue.

3. Research power requirements

Jumping castles will require certain amounts kinds and numbers of power points to run. Most stores and hires will display the necessary information alongside details of the castle in question. Most hires will simply require common power points, so don’t worry about needing fancy electrical equipment!

It is usually not recommended to use double adaptors or power boards as they can trip more sensitive equipment, such as blower fans.

Don’t have power outlets at your venue? Let the hire company know so they can bring their own generator!

4. Be sure of deposit information

Many inflatable hire companies will require a basic deposit in order to secure your booking. The deposit amount will be deducted from your overall bill when you pay it during the day of installation.

The payment of a deposit means that your booking will be entirely secure!

5. Be in touch with the hire company

A reputable hire company will regularly contact you in the days leading up to your booking. It will keep you updated on that booking’s status and to provide you with any necessary information and answer your questions. You can always contact them, too, with questions or concerns!

6. Be prepared for the day

In order to ensure a smooth installation process, you will need to make sure that all the steps we’ve mentioned here have been followed and taken care of. To list them off:

i. Be in touch with the hire company. They will contact you regarding the exact time of the delivery and installation.
ii. Make sure the installation area is clean and clear.
iii. Make sure power outlets are ready to be used.
iv. Keep your pets and kids away from the installation area while everything is being set up.
v. Staff are always professional and know what they’re doing – you can trust them to install your jumping castle well, so try not to attempt to assist unless you’re asked to!
vi. Have the payment amount ready, if you have any balance left to pay.

And there you have it! It’s fairly easy to ensure that your process of hiring a jumpy castle for any event goes well and smoothly, and all without much of a fuss. Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service representatives if you have questions!

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