Shrek Themed Party

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So far, we have covered parties for our Disney Princess and Batman jumping castles. This week we will give you some excellent ideas on how to throw a magnificent Shrek party, to complement our amazing Shrek jumping castle.

Invitations:  As always, you can buy pre-made invitations from all good party suppliers, or you can make your own, super cool paper scroll invitations! Use magical ‘far far away land’ language such as

“Here ye, Here ye!
(name) requests your presence at the royal ball to take place in the Land of Far, Far Away (address)
Travel to our land on (date) at (time).
Princess or ogre attire is optional.”

Decorations: Give your party area a medieval look by hanging banners. Write: Welcome to the Land of Far, Far Way or (birthday child’s name)’s Ball. Any Medieval type decorations will work for this theme: knight’s head armour, crowns, jewelled tiaras, metallic table confetti on the tables etc.
Set the tables with green table cloths, plates, cups and cutlery. Use different tones of green for a better effect. Use the same colours for balloons and streamers. You may wish to consider hiring our green kids chairs to complete the look. For a grand centrepiece, fill large plastic goblets with toy jewellery and lollies. Play music from Shrek the movie in the background as your guests arrive.

Craft/Games/Activities: Make large shield cut outs out of cardboard. Wrap in aluminium foil and paint on a crest. Pair a couple of crossed swords on the wall for decoration as well. You might like to also decorate your own gingerbread men – either an edible, or paper version. Prepare the gingerbread in advance and let the kids stick on smarties and lollies with icing or let kids use a cookie cutter shape to draw and cut out of cardboard. You can also purchase wood cut outs in the shape. Let kids paint and decorate then glue a string or ribbon to the top to make an ornament or attach a piece of sticky back magnetic strip to make a magnet.

Other great games you may wish to try out include:

  • Pin the tail on Donkey.
  • Musical Islands. Use character markers for this game. Print out pictures of the characters (i.e. Princess Fiona, Puss in Boots, Donkey, Prince Charming, Gingerbread Man, etc.) onto cardboard. Arrange the pictures in a circle on the ground. Make enough markers for everyone. Write the characters names on small pieces of paper and put into a jar, basket, box,etc. Music plays and everyone moves to the marker ahead until the music stops. Everyone should be on a marker. Draw a name, guest standing on corresponding marker wins and is out of the game. Game continues until every child has won. You can use mud/dirt cupcakes for the prize! (see below)
  • Rescue Princess Fiona. Hide a small doll or figure or plush. Set up clues on objects to lead to the princess. Let the kids search as a one group or make two teams. Put clues on a plastic goblet, crown, set of ogre ears, pair of black boots, cat dish, or ‘poisoned’ apple.

Cake: To go with a swamp Shrek theme, you may wish to make a dirt and mud cake. Bake a chocolate cake and frost with chocolate frosting. Sprinkle the top with a large amount of crumbled Oreo cookie crumbs. Add some gummi worms to the top. Bury some under the cookie crumb ‘dirt’. Alternatively, you can also make individual portions on cupcakes, tint white frosting a lime green colour, add some gummi worms on top, and serve on a bed of cookie ‘dirt’.


If you choose to go more medieval, you may choose to use a crown and sword or shield as a quick and easy cake topper.

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