Waffle Stick Machine

$140.00 $90.00

What’s included for $90?

  • 1x high quality commercial grade waffle stick machine
  • 1x Belgium waffle mix to make 50 waffle sticks
  • 50x wooden bamboo sticks
  • Customer to provide spray oil

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Servings Needed

Choose how many servings you would like below. 50 servings is included for $90. Order more for larger parties.


Add some extra taste to your waffle sticks

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Wow don’t miss out on this awesome party idea, combine your favorite chocolate and this amazing new waffle stick machine to create an unforgettable party snack. There are endless options with these waffles on a stick, dip it in chocolate, dip it in your favorite syrup, add ice cream and don’t forget the hundreds and thousands sprinkles, you can personalize your own creative waffle on a stick. You can go WILD and be different with this amazing waffle machine. Combine this waffle stick machine with our chocolate fountain or our twin electric chocolate sauce warmer.

Electric chocolate sauce warmer