Sno Cone Machine


What is included for $70?

  • 1x high quality commercial grade sno cone machine
  • 50x sno cone cups
  • 1x bottle of syrup (Choose from a huge list of flavours from Raspberry, Blue lemonade, Pink Bubblegum, Cola etc. See full list below)
  • Customer to provide 1 bag of ice per 50-100 serves


Sno cone machines are a fantastic idea for a range of events. Just crush the ice and add your own flavour.

How are we different from others?
This is a very simple machine to operate. By adding the flavour afterwards, you are able to make a wide variety of products to suit you and your guests. Unlike other slushy or slurpee machines which require 45 minutes to start up, this product is ready in no time – all you have to do is crush more ice.

Attract a crowd at your next event with this wonderful Sno Cone machine.
A snow cone machine would be a perfect addition to your trade show, expo or exhibition. Or why not attract more customers to your sale day or grand opening?  If you want to please the crowds at fetes, festivals or sporting events, contact us today!

Set up is simple which can produce up to 1000+ servings. We also provide a wonderful mix of flavors.

On average, 1 bag of ice will make approximately 50 serves. For your convenience we provide the flavouring & cups
Our equipment has been tested and tagged by a certified electrician.

All equipment is well maintained and hygienically cleaned after each hire. You may serve and operate the machine yourself or you can opt to relax and hire one of our trained and professional staff.