Popcorn Machine

$140.00 $90.00

What's included for $90?

  • 1x high quality commercial grade popcorn machine
  • 1x popcorn kernels to make 50 bags
  • 1x popcorn buttery salt for 50 servings
  • 1x bottle of popcorn oil
  • 50x popcorn bags

Contact us for delivery & available.

Servings Needed

Choose how many servings you would like below. 50 servings is included for $90 order more for larger parties.


Popcorn is a yummy addition to any party. The tantalising aroma and buttery taste will have your guests lining up for more. Who could resist?

Our Popcorn Machine is arguably the best and easiest to use. Let one of our friendly staff members show you how easy it really is!

There are many reasons why you should hire our Popcorn Machine:
No messy oils
Quick and easy to serve – once they are popped, just scoop and go!
Great for use at home parties
Perfect for use at larger corporate events, open days, schools & so much more.

It is important to note that the popcorn machine has a popping kettle. We supply the kernels that can be placed straight in, ready to go. Once they start popping, they’re nearly impossible to resist.

Our kernels and ingredients are provide fresh to you not like others.

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