Nacho Chip Station Warmer

$129.00 $99.00

What’s included for $70?

  • 1x high quality commercial grade nacho chip machine warmer
  • 50x nacho boxes

More on this machine

  • Customer to provide the nacho chips, sauces etc.
  • Perfect for parties, fundraisers, sports events, school function & so much more
  • Can be used for popcorn, as well as nacho chips or peanuts
  • Top loaded, utilizes a deflection board to prevent nacho breakage

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This nacho chip station warmer is made of high quality stainless steel. It comes in an elegant grey finish that adds to its style-quotient. The tempered glass panels ensure safety and add to the machine’s aesthetic appeal. It has a deflection board that prevents the nacho chips from breaking. The 100 watt heating in the base and the 60 watt warming light ensures the nacho chips remain hot and fresh for hours on end. This ensures your guests enjoy the nacho chips. The chip warmer can be easily used to store popcorn, peanuts & whatever else you can think of. It has an opening at the top that is used to store nacho chips.