Inflatable Boxing Ring


  • Perfect for both males & females
  • Can be used on all types of surfaces from grass, cement, floorboards, artificial grass etc. Contact us if unsure.
  • Boxing Ring Size – W 5 x L 5 x H 2.20 meters (Fully inflated)
  • Area required – W 6 x L 6 x H 6 meters (Fully inflated)
  • Cleaned & sanitised after each use

Contact us for delivery & available.

Boxing ring hire length *

Please choose below how long you would like the boxing ring for.


What surface is the inflatable going on? If we can’t peg the inflatable down into grass we will need to bring sand bags for the children’s safety.



Once you enter this ring there is only one thing satisfying about bopping someone on the head with the over sized gloves with a well timed jab. Thankfully our foam boxing gloves won’t do any damage and is completely harmless and for fun. Once you’re jumping on our inflatable boxing ring you can get all your spare energy out without suffering a single bruise. If you want to have the best event hire a inflatable boxing ring today.