Hot Dog Machine

$140.00 $90.00

What’s included for $80?

  • 1x high quality commercial grade hot dog machine
  • 50x hot dog boxes
  • Customer to provide the hot dog buns, frankfurts & sauces


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Great tasting hot dogs! Commerical grade machine
  • Tank divider to separate heating and cooked product

Can hold up to 50 normal 8″ inch hot dogs in the bottom and place the buns in the top as needed.

Contact us for delivery & available.

Boxes needed

Choose how many boxes you would like below. 50 boxes is included for $80 order more for larger parties.


Wanting to offer hot dogs at your next party? Funtime Hot Dog Machine is very simple to use and our staff will provide full instructions to you and run through it with you on the day. For the best tasting hot dogs you have to give this machine a go! You’ll be back for more!

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