Hot Chocolate Dispenser Machine 10 Liters


What’s included for $140?

  • 1x high quality commercial grade hot chocolate dispenser machine
  • 1x premium mixture for the hot chocolate
  • 100x cups double insulated
  • Customer will need to provide at least 18-20 liters of milk to make up to 90-150 cups

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You also have the option to buy extra cups & mix.


Extra cups

Extra double insulated cups $10 per 50.

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Extra chocolate mix

Extra servings of chocolate mix to make up to 30-50 cups more of hot chocolate

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This chocolate dispenser machine is an eye catching hot chocolate machine made specifically to hold and serve hot chocolate. Its compact size is perfect for tight situations. The dispenser fits easily on any counter or table promoting highly profitable impulse sales or just for a backyard / corporate event. It is designed to hold 10 litres (90-150 cups) of served in an instant at 60° Celsius.

The dispenser is simply easy to use it is beautifully finished and displays the current temperature for safe food requirements. Easily serve your guests a delicious hot chocolate at your next event.

This high quality hot chocolate machine has a blade that continually mixes and blends the hot chocolate so you get a smooth blended mix right down to the last cup, it is completely temperature controlled so you can have it piping hot on a cold winter’s night or for those kiddies parties or perfect for them corporate we can turn it down so it is still warm but safe to drink.

Some great features of this machine are;

  • Bain-marie heating of product prevents burning.
  • Continuous stirring maintains a perfect, lump-free consistency.
  • Thermostat for adjusting temperature as required.
  •  Special anti-clogging spigot.
  • Stainless steel boiler, with thermal insulation.
  • Non-slip feet.
  • Drip tray with water level gauge.
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