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Image result for Princess Photo PropEvery little girl deserves a birthday party that is unforgettable and flashy. And the only way to make your little daughter feel special on her birthday is by treating her like the little princess that she is. Lucky enough there are several ways through which you can make such moments glamorous and interestingly fabulous. Spice up the photo session with some mind-blowing ideas that will make the princess world appear real to the birthday girl.

Here are some of the best photo prop ideas that you can use on your daughter’s birthday party:

Castle Photo Prop

Every princess deserves to stay in a classy castle that is well decorated and has all the beautiful colors depicted in fairy tales. You can add more joy to your daughter’s heart by giving her a castle-themed birthday party. Castle props are fairly easy to make and you can let the princes help you out in building her beautiful home. This can also be a good bonding time for both of you, but most importantly it will give your daughter her heart desired fairy tale experience.

Troll Props

You can also apply the cute adorable troll look to your daughter’s birthday party. In the fairy world trolls are known to be very friendly and social and almost every kid loves them. If you have time you can make your own homemade troll props. Alternatively, you can order for some online, ranging from troll photo booths, crochet wigs, and troll hats.

Ice cream Prop

We all know that the love that kids have for ice cream is unwavering. You can take advantage of this by spicing up the birthday bash with diverse candy and ice cream decorations. Ice cream props are readily available online so you can make an order or if you like you can make one before your daughter’s next birthday.

Unicorn Photo Prop

This is one of the unique best photo prop ideas to pepper your daughter’s birthday with a bit of magic. Unicorns are every little girl’s dream; you can bring more life to the party by including unicorn props that will make your daughter feel like a real-life princess. You can come up with your own custom-designed unicorn props which can be in the form of unicorn booths, or simple stickers. The look can be perfected by applying friendly colors like pink, purple and blue to the prop.

Rainbow Props Image result for Rainbow Prop

Growing up I bet you wished you could touch the rainbow, well guess what, your daughter may be having the same wish. You can make this wish come true by including a unique rainbow prop at her birthday party. Rainbow props are also very easy to make, just ensure you have all the colors right.

Mickey Mouse Photo Prop

This is also one of the best photo prop ideas in which you can make your daughter’s birthday party fun-packed. You can come up with Mickey props in the form of photo booths, Mickey ears, boots, and even gloves. To get the best from this you can go for the original designs which are available in most online shops.


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