Photo Booth Ideas for a Farewell Party

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Saying goodbye is a hard thing to do, especially if the person or persons were very close. It could be a friend, a family member or even a significant other. Nevertheless, you want it to be something you can treasure for a lifetime, so you decided to visit a photo booth to make some long-lasting memories. But how can you get creative in a photo booth party so it turns into something worthwhile? It’s not as difficult as it sounds, so let us have a look.

Over the years banner

You want them to look back not only at the things you did that day, but you may also want to take a walk down memory lane depending on the type of relationship. Having banners with the years you’ve known each other sounds simple and creative from any angle. Matter of fact, you can pick out a year in time and scribble a word or two that highlighted something special that took place between you in that period. Each banner will have a different time stamp and different memory.

Nickname banner

Did you ever have a nickname that nobody remembered for some reason or the other? A banner of this nature can bring about laughs and even tears of joy depending on the story behind the name. You can use the previous banner as a guide but in this case, you would use nicknames instead. While in the booth, you can laugh about how the names were earned and that will make the entire session feel even natural rather than something that is being forced.


Seeing that we are in a modern age, using hashtags is a good way to keep things fresh and current. This also provides a lot of variety because you can use hashtags depending on your mood, your appearance or to represent the moment like “#FriendsToTheEnd” or something to that extent. Allow your creativity to help you come up with different hashtags.

Blank canvas

Before you knit your eyebrows in confusion, take a minute to grasp the idea. A blank canvas is like clay because you can do just about anything you want with it. How about grabbing some small paint brushes and a pan of water paint? Sounds like something that can work, doesn’t it? You can splash colors around to make a picture or just to make things interesting… it’s all up to you. Get creative.

Time travel collection

It sounds rather cliché but when it comes to life you will think differently. Gather some photos of yourself and the person(s) going away and put them up all around the booth. It doesn’t matter if they were from 10 years ago or just last week. Look at it this way… by looking back at even one of those pictures you took in the photo booth party you will be able to see several other memories in that single photo. A memory in a memory if you will.

A farewell is a bittersweet moment but that does not mean it cannot last forever. Your creativity has a lot to do with the outcome, so feel free to get other opinions or brainstorm together and come up with your own unique photo booth party ideas that will always mean something to all of you.

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