Mistakes You Could Be Making When Booking A Jumping Castle

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Looking to hire a supplier to set up a bouncy castle for your event? They’re definitely a fun option, but you need to make sure you’re hiring the right inflatable. Here are some common mistakes you could be making when choosing a jumping castle!

1. Going for cheap.

If you think you’ve struck a jackpot and found the lowest priced inflatable hires in the world, think again! Just like with all other products in the world, cheapest is usually far from the best.

You might be under the impression that there isn’t much cost that goes into putting up a bouncy castle, but there are actually plenty of costs that are involved – so if the company you’re hiring from is charging peanuts, beware.

Here are just some of the costs that jumping castle suppliers deal with:

a) Storage. It takes a lot of space to store a bouncy castle, and that costs money – and it costs even more to maintain the storage area in order to prevent moisture from accumulating and causing mold, as well as to keep each castle clean and odor-free. Without that, you’d have castles in very bad condition!

b) Maintenance. Speaking of which, the clean-up required post-event is always a doozy. Castles can get filled with dirt, grass, sand, and sweat, and they need to be fully cleaned before they’re sent off to the next event. They’re cleaned often, and with several to deal with a day, it gets expensive.

c) IT. The website you’re booking the castle through wasn’t free to set up! Also, fast replies from emails and phone calls to customer service mean that staff are being hired and paid to help run the business. If there’s a live chat function, even more so! The easier it is to ask questions, make bookings, and pay, the more money a company has invested into its technology.

d) Choices. If you have several different kinds of inflatables to choose from, that means there was a lot of costs involved in getting them. This is even more true if the company also offers fun food machines and other extras.

Here’s a list of all the kinds of castles available at Funtime Party Hire:

• World Of Disney
• Batman
• Disney Princess
• Shrek
• Plain Combo
• Happy Birthday
• Jungle
• Circus
• Christmas
• Monkey
• Sumo Suits

e) Insurance. Amusement hire suppliers are legally required to be fully insured with public liability insurance and others. Companies or suppliers with no liability or who hold only $5-10 million liability may be questionable!

So if the place you’re hiring from has prices that seem too good to be true, they probably are. Expense is required to run a business, and too-cheap prices could mean important aspects are being left out.

2. Going for size.

It’s not that size doesn’t matter – it’s that other factors do, too! When choosing a bouncy castle, don’t just jump for the biggest one available. Instead, take these other factors into account:

• Age range of guests
• Size of the venue
• Type of surface at the venue
• Power access
• Obstacles and restrictions

3. Skipping the reviews.

One review doesn’t dictate the experience of all customers, but it’s always a good idea to read up the feedback given from those who have hired from a supplier before choosing their services. You don’t want to have to deal with bad customer service, and you’d want to know if a supplier has a history of delivering dirty castles.

4. Forgetting safety.

Like all fun games, there are safety precautions that need to be taken in regards to bouncy castles. You have to be aware of the weather, make sure the castles are safely secured to the ground, the installation process, and the equipment used.

At Funtime Party Hire, we adapt to any surface that you might want the castle to be assembled in. Pegs are used to secure the castles well to the ground. Beforehand, we will request to be informed of underground cables so we do not damage them.

Funtime Party Hire requires a 240v power point to be available at around 25m away from the jumping castle. If the point is further from 50m away, a small additional charge will be required in order to use a generator.

We recommend that an adult over the age of 18 is present to supervise goings on around and in the jumping castle, but we also offer supervision services at $25/hour.

So what’s the secret to choosing the best jumping castle?

There is no definitive secret. Just do your research first before hiring to make sure that you’re choosing a reputable company, and keep in mind other factors that go into picking the best jumpy castle for the event in question.

Funtime Party Hire is happy to answer any questions that customers may have regarding the suitability of our jumpy castles for your event.

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