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Food and drinks are important components in every party but what makes a party interesting are the activities that people engage in. There are numerous fun-packed games that individuals can take part in during a party. Here is a list of some of the games you can play to spice up our party;

Truth or Dare

Truth or dare is a thrilling party game that is very easy to play. The game basically revolves around being dared to do something that is seemingly difficult or being asked questions in which you must give nothing but the truth. The intensity of this game can be tuned depending on the ages of the participants.

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All you need to play this game is a dictionary and some pieces of paper. The person with the dictionary will randomly open a page and read out a word. The remaining group of people is then told to define the word using their own sentences. After everybody is done the definitions of each person will be read out to the entire group. If a person gets the correct definition he or she is awarded points.


This is also another interesting game that you can play with your guests during a party. It simply involves imitating the acts of any famous person and asking the group if they know who you are mimicking. In other cases, drawings or famous phrases used by well-known persons can be included in this thought-provoking guessing game.

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In this game, everybody turns into a professional writer. They take turns writing stories on a piece of paper that is circulated to each member. Each player has to continue writing the story from where the last participant left. The rule of the game is to combine the various ideas to come up with a novel-like story that has a good flow.

Bite the Bag

Bite the bag is a party game in which the participants have to lift up a bag from the ground using only their teeth. Those who fail have to drink up, the game may not seem as fun when it starts but after everybody has had a turn with the bag the fun hypes. It can be played by people of all ages the only thing that changes is the type of drink used.

Voting game

This is a fun party game that you can play with your guests in a party. As the name suggests it involves “voting”, for example, one of the members can ask a question such as “Who would make the best teacher?” After the question, the participants have to take a vote and the person with the most votes is again asked to guess those who voted for him or her.

Ostrich Dance

This game involves taping a written card on the backs of two participants. The first one to read what is written on the other person’s card wins. The fun comes in the way the players go around in circles trying to read each other’s cards.




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