Ideas for the best 2019 Christmas party

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Image result for Christmas partyIf you want to host the best holiday bash on the block, it’s going to require more than a strand of string lights, store-bought cookies, and Christmas music on repeat (though that also sounds pretty great). To make your Christmas party successful, you should start preparations as early as possible with a pump-up of great ideas.

Here in this article, we’ve gathered some outstanding [props you need for a perfect Christmas party in 2019.

Warm Reception

First thing first. The way you welcome your guests’ matters a whole lot in order to help them experience the kind of fun you expect them to derive from your Christmas party.

Create a wow factor the moment your Christmas guests arrive through the front door. Style up a hallway console table with a seasonal display, to add some festive cheer to your entrance. Twinkling lights and Christmas go hand-in-hand, so try to add a bit of sparkling illumination to your hall.

Make Homemade Festive Lights

Lighting plays a key role in setting the scene for any party, especially a Christmas one where the ambiance is all-important. Simple candlelight is the perfect way to make a festive soirée more intimate and heartfelt. Even if you have an abundance of votives already, you can bet you’ll need more to decorate for a party. That’s where upcycling comes in handy.

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Save yourself the trouble and expense of buying more votives than you would normally need. Simply spray paint used jam jars and other glass pots, to make your own shimmering mercury-glass-effect votives.

Lay an empty glass jar on its side, on newspaper and mist with water. Immediately spray over the water droplets with silver spray paint. Leave to dry, rotate and repeat. Once full covered pop a tealight inside.

Amazing Race Party

Amazing Race Party is based on a reality game show that involves participants racing against each other in an alternative scavenger hunt.

The participating teams compete to gather clues at specific stops (commonly referred to as pit stops) before they can proceed to the next part of the race. This type of game included in your upcoming Christmas Party is sure a great idea!

Stand Up Comedy

Need ideas for community Christmas events that will bring unending fun and laughter? Why not consider inviting stand-up comedians to make inappropriate jokes?

Whether your Christmas party brings together work for colleagues or friends and family, a stand-up comedy show can be the way to go. Also, if you’ve brought together people who don’t know each other for a Christmas party, stand-up comedy offers a perfect way to break the ice.

Above all, planning early gives you enough room and time to get the necessary items as well as a perfect execution to make your Christmas party this year worthwhile.


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