How to Throw A Kids’ Carnival Party

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There is no better way to organize a birthday for your kid than with a carnival. A carnival party is an easy do it yourself party that gives everyone lots of fun.

Though throwing a kid’s carnival party takes some planning, however, the fun, laughs, smiles, and good times are worth the effort. A carnival party for your kid should have nothing less than 4 games, tickets to trade in for prizes, a wonderful fair-inspired cake, and a fun-themed food.

Using just balloons, games or bright colors is not the interesting part of a carnival party as just a birthday party can have that too.

Are you worried about hiring a local park to throw a carnival party, or thinking of constructing a large set-up for the carnival, and do not wish to go out of budget? Let me assure you that you can still organize am awesome and completely authentic carnival party right within the limited space in your yard.

You can use a few less expensive, but yet creative carnival accessories, with some real good ideas to throw a perfect and outstanding carnival party for your kid.

Hence, here is how you can throw a kid’s carnival party that would make the party be the talk of the town!

  • Construct Booths

To begin the preparation for the carnival party, the first thing you should do is create a carnival feel. Creating booths within your backyard would give your yard the right carnival feels. Each booth may be hosting a separate fun game or may have other activities.

You can either hire tents to construct these booths. But if you wish to save cost, you might improvise by using bright, and colorful linen and some rope.

  • Send Special Invitations

The next thing is to send out the special invitation, ensure that the invitation is in line with the carnival feels, this means that the design, shape, and lettering of the invitations should be in such that bears the theme of the carnival party.

You may make the invitation into a ticket for the booths, this makes the invitation much appear like an entry ticket for a special event. You may include the details of the carnival party on the backside of the ticket.

  • Add Directions for Fun

If you’re hosting the carnival party right in your yard, then you would have guests entering your house, let them feel the carnival right from the moment they get into your front gate. How?  It may be a bit expensive and tiring setting carnival decorations and ideas from your front gate to the backyard, but it would be cheaper and fun making some decorative arrows and directions to direct your guests right from your front gate to your backyard where the carnival party and the fun will take place.

These decorative directions and arrows for guests can simply be made out of cardboards, colorful markers or letters, image stickers, and glue.

Other things you need to do include preparing a separate area for foods; set lots of carnival games, which include bursting of balloons with guns, fishing in the pond, throwing the hoop etc.; make a roll of balloon around the entrance arch; welcome the guests on stilts or clown cloth; get tattoos, face masks, or face painting for all kids, exchange all tickets for prizes and give the quests the option to choose their Prizes; if possibly arrange for some swings; and finally, never end your carnival party without cutting of the carnival cake.

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