How to save on your child’s birthday party

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As parents ourselves, we know how quickly the expenses can add up when hosting a child’s birthday party. But with good planning and some tricks here and there, you can have a memorable celebration, without the stress of breaking the bank.

A wise place to start when planning your party is deciding where you’re going to invest a larger sum of your budget. Having one (or two) big ticket items, such as a jumping castle or popcorn machine, will give you an idea of the centrepiece of your party. From that point you can break down the other aspects into manageable areas and find ways to creatively save yourself lots of money. Here are some clever ways to save big dollars:

  1. Make your own birthday cake

I have seen so many posts lately on community pages where mothers have been asking around for good quotes on making a particular type of cake, this particular one was a boys superhero. Some people were quoting an average of $180 for a cake like this. This is BIG area where you can save! And you don’t need to be a professional decorator. A few packet mixes, ready to roll icing, some food dye and a bit of creativity and you can make your own cake. For an inexpensive cake topper, just use one of your child’s toys and take it off before it is served. No one will mind. This can save you over $50 as icing figurines take a lot of time and effort. While it may not be ‘perfect’, you’ll have the satisfaction of making it yourself AND saving lots of money

  1. Substitute the traditional lolly bag for something sugar free (see last week’s blog)
  1. Use digital invitations

While you can buy a pad of 20 invitations or print photo invitations for a small cost, but you may still need to pay for postage etc. These days, the etiquette is definitely changing with birthday party invitations and they also come with a quick and easy way for your guests to RSVP or ask questions.

  1. Stick to old faithful entertainment

Why hire a children’s entertainer when bobbing for apples, donut eating on the washing line, pass the parcel, pin the tail on the donkey and colouring-in tables are all relatively inexpensive activities that can provide a whole lot of fun. Pinterest is your friend when looking up fun, affordable games! Yes, you might need to be the host, but it’s much cheaper than hiring someone.

  1. Use simple and effective decorations

When you consider helium balloons, bunting, streamers, piñatas and lights, you can easily find yourself spending over $100 on decorations. Keep things simple, you can still maintain a strong party theme through colour coordinating plates, cups and tablecloths which can be bought rather inexpensively at many party stores or eBay. Blowing up balloons yourself and sticking them on the wall in bunches is a very affordable alternative to using helium.

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