How to organize a great movie marathon party for your boyfriend?

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One of the best thing that can keep people busy is watching movies, it’s even more interesting when you watch it with other people. Having a boyfriend who loves to watch movies as much as you do is really exciting, you can spend all your hours just watching movies continuously with him.  Maybe you’ll love to surprise your boyfriend with what you know he loves, and those are movies. Organizing a movie marathon for your boyfriend is going to leave a perfect memory not only for him but for you too if it is done right. So here are tips to organize a great movie marathon party for your boyfriend.

Choose the movies you’ll be watching

The first thing you need to do is decide on the movies you’ll be watching since the movie marathon is for your boyfriend you may want to select more movies you know he is definitely going to love. Make sure to choose movies that you know will capture his attention throughout the marathon as well as please you too.

How many people will you be inviting?

Maybe you may want the party to be just for you and your boyfriend or you can make it to be really exciting by inviting some of his friends over as well as yours too. It’s going to be really fun having your mutual friends over for the movie marathon party, but if you want to be selfish, the movie marathon party will still be great with just you two.

Arrange the place to be as comfortable as it can be

Arrange the room where the marathon will take place to be as comfortable as possible with a lot of pillows, and blankets. Make it a comfortable place for everyone who will be there especially your boyfriend.

Make sure to have snacks

Make sure to have some snacks for the marathon, no movie marathon is complete without them.  You can get your boyfriend’s favorite snack but whatever snack you have to make sure to have popcorn as well, it gives a special meaning to a movie marathon. If the movie marathon will last for more than 5 hours you may want to consider providing meals too, the snacks won’t be able to sustain everyone for that long.

Make the night an unforgettable one

After you’ve taken care of all the above, decide on how many movies you will watch and when the marathon begins. After that make sure the marathon will be an unforgettable one, give the room a real theater feeling by dimming the light and closing the curtains. This is sure going to please your boyfriend.

And that’s exactly how you organize a great movie marathon party for your boyfriend, all you have to do now is place your head on his chest and watch your movies while you keep your mouth busy with the snacks. Your boyfriend will definitely be smiling from ear to ear throughout the marathon.

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