Holiday Christmas Party Ideas for Families

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2018 is almost over, and you must be making preparations for another family Christmas party. By now, you must have cleared off last year’s Christmas decorations, and you’re just about to decorate your home for another holiday Christmas party. Why don’t you do something quite different for your family members this year?

The holiday Christmas party is always a nice way create fun and to celebrate with family members and also ignite love and cooperation towards the next year. Are you trying to make your whole family members feel appreciated and also have fun at the same time? Then try any one of our holiday Christmas party ideas for families below.

Chocolate Factory/Candy land Christmas Party Idea

Why don’t you turn your home into a chocolate factory with this chocolate factory/candy land Christmas party idea? Decorate your home with candy or chocolate theme using a lot of chocolate stripes and colours. You can as well place large cut-out cupcakes along the walls and candy-canes or long chocolate bars at every table. Everybody loves chocolate/candy. Make the dessert a decorate-your-own cupcake station or a candy buffet.

You can also add a little game. You make a circle and have family members sit around it. In the middle of the circle keep a knife, a fork, and a block of chocolate. Each member of the family rolls a dice in turn. Each time a six is rolled, the person who rolls it rushes into the middle of the circle, picks the knife and fork and cut a square of chocolate from the block.

Reverse Christmas in July Christmas Party Idea

Have you heard of Christmas in July parties? You probably have. But now it’s a reverse party and you would have to bring the tropical temperatures to December. Make members of your family to put on a beach-themed costume. Inform your invited guests to also come in their best beach-themed costume while you prepare adorable cookies and piña coladas for everybody.

Gingerbread House Decorating Contest Christmas Party Idea

 Add great fun to your Christmas party by getting lots of gingerbread supplies for family members and guests to make gingerbread houses. You can turn this into an all-in-good-fun building competition to see who constructs the loveliest/most beautiful house. Give a gift award to the winner. Keep the game simple and fun-filled by ordering affordable gingerbreads that are easy and ready to assemble, and also choose an unbiased official judge!

Winter Wonderland Christmas Party Idea

Maybe you don’t like the chocolate factory Christmas party idea above. Here is another nice Christmas party idea – the winter wonderland Christmas party idea. This party idea adds a little magical moment to your Christmas where your home seems covered in snow and decorated with hot chocolate with family members and guests dressed in bright scarves and hats and gloves essential.

Decorate your Christmas party with glittering snowflakes, cuddly polar bears, ice sculptures, fairy lights, and white draping to make your home look like a wintery palace. For food, serve something funky and warm, such as baked Alaska and Panna Cotta, coconut balls, savory bites, and crudités. While for drinks, you can serve some delicious spiced wine or an icy vodka cocktail.

If possible, take members of your family on a trip to an ice skating rink or indoor ski slope to spice up the winter wonderland idea.

Remember, Christmas party themes are one thing and planning the Christmas party is another thing. Follow our Christmas party ideas above for fun-filled and lovable Christmas party planning. Have yourself and every member of our family a memorable merry Christmas with our best holiday Christmas party ideas for families.

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