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Having a party? Thinking of seating arrangements for your guests? You have come to the right place and we have exactly what you are looking for! We offer different Party Seating Packages!!

Different Party Seating Packages

We have a variety of six different seating packages for you to choose from. All the packages have marquee, tables, chairs and seating arrangement included but these packages differ in the number of tables and chairs included. We provide the top of the line and sturdy chairs and tables that will also provide very good seating comfort even for long sitting hours. Our tables are steady and of top quality. Marquee is of high quality as well, well suited for our country’s weather conditions. You can hire these for any type of party or occasion depending on your needs. The price for these different packages ranges widely from $219 to $908 for seating package 1 to 6. For example, the seating package 6 is suited for 96 people and includes the following items

  • 12×182 cm adult tables
  • 96 chairs, white in color
  • 4 high-quality pop up the marquee, available in white and black colors
  • We also provide free setting up and packing of the seating arrangement

Choose right Party Seating Package

All we require from you is to choose the package that you need and also tell us the surface you would like the seating arrangement to be made. We can set up the marquee on any surface but for it to be steady we prefer to peg it down which will cost you a small amount. We can peg it in the synthetic surface, concrete surface or also as half and the half in both surfaces. If you prefer to close the side walls of the marquee, we have provisions for that as well. You can choose to enclose just one side, two sides, three sides or all the four sides with side walls. If your party is in the late evening or at night and require lighting for the marquee, we can provide very good lighting for the additional cost. At just $50, you can have 1X22 cm LED fluorescent lighting that is secured to the inside section of the marquee roof with an extension cord which will be provided by us.

You would just have to provide the access point for the power. You can also choose an additional number of marquee needed and can also choose from white or black colors. You can have these in the number of combinations as you wish. You can have all four white or all black or a mix of both.

Our party seating package 1 will be a perfect choice for you if you have a small party at home. For just a small cost, you can get chairs, tables and even marquee of your color choice of black or white.

We also offer good deals during ‘sale’ at attractive prices. We assure you that we provide only the best quality products to make your party a smooth experience for all your guests.

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