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You can make your next party a memorable one by using gelato instead of ice cream. And you would love the natural, and fresh Gelato you would get from the hire Gelato cart Sydney. However, when you need to hire Gelato cart Sydney for your next party, be it birthday/wedding/office/any kind of party, it is important that you note the difference between the Gelato and Ice cream so as to make a better choice and not confuse one with another.

Though many always use the term ice cream and gelato interchangeably. However, gelato actually means frozen in Italian while ice cream is an American term. More so, Gelato gave birth to the idea of an Ice cream. Here are brief differences between the two:

Ice cream

Ice cream is fluffier than Gelato. It is actually a frozen dairy dessert that contains cream, milk, sugar, and egg yolks. Typically, the French ice cream is richer than the American ice cream. This is because unlike the American ice cream, the French ice cream contains egg yolks. However, some American-style ice creams now add egg yolks.

For most, all these ingredients (cream, milk, sugar, and egg yolks) are cooked together to form a rich custard base, which is cooled and mixed at a very high speed so as to integrate air into it, increase its volume, and give it a creamy, smooth, light-textured finish. Hence, cheaper Ice creams would have more air in them. To make the scoops hold together, Ice cream must be kept and served under a very cold temperature.


On the other hand, Gelato is intense and dense. Though it shares almost the same custard base as Ice cream, Gelato contains a lower quantity of egg yolks and cream (sometimes containing no egg yolk at all) and a higher quantity of milk. More so, the churning of Gelato is done at a slower rate, thereby, integrating less air. This makes Gelato denser than Ice cream.

Unlike with the Ice cream, Gelato is served at a warmer temperature to maintain its soft and silky texture. The major flavor ingredient in Gelato is really evident because it contains a lower quantity of fat than Ice cream.

In summary, both Gelato and Ice cream contain similar main ingredients but in different proportions and the rate at which both are churned together differs – ice cream at a faster rate which makes it fluffier, and Gelato at a slower rate to maintain its density.

Gelato is much silkier, creamier, denser, smoother, and more elastic than the Ice cream.

Gelato doesn’t use the egg yolk, contains less cream and more milk, while Ice cream contains egg yolks, more creams, and less milk.

While Ice cream contains between 14% to 25% of butterfat, much air ad less flavor, while Gelato contains at most 9% butterfat, less air and more flavor – which makes the flavors to show more.

Ice cream must be served at about 7-12°F, while Gelato is served at about 10-15°F so that people would be able to feel its taste. Finally, Gelato is served with a spade while the Ice cream is scooped.

With all these differences in mind, you would be able to note when you hire Gelato cart Sydney that you are actually served a Gelato. And if you hire Gelato cart Sydney, your next party would be a Gelato fun party to remember.

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