Girls night out party ideas and activities

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Image result for Girls night out partySometimes all the constant hard work and stress needs to be forgotten and the best way to do that is to have a girls night out with your best friends.  As busy as you may be there’s always time to take a break from the harsh reality of life, and how else will you do that than having a girls night out party which will be something to remember.  If you decide on having a girls night out party here are some ideas and fun activities you should consider.

Go to the movies

If you and your friends love movies then a movie night is perfect for you, you can watch more than one movie with your friends while enjoying some popcorn. You can watch multiple movies which could be a romantic movie, thriller, drama and scary movie one after the other. This is sure going to be fun as you can make it more exciting by viewing several movies with your friends on the same night.

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Wine tasting

Wine tasting is another great idea for a girls night out party, you and your girls can all get a bottle of their favorite wine and get a chance to taste each of them. You’ll also get the chance to taste the favorite bottle of wine of your friends and might just end up discovering a new favorite bottle for yourself.

Go shopping

There’s no way this activity will ever get old for girls so why not make it a girls night out activity. Girls love shopping and it can be more fun when a group of girls are doing it at once, this might just be the best activity you’ll end up doing with your girls for a night out since there’s no getting tired with this activity.

Image result for Girls night out partyBecome tourists in your town

As much as you might have seen all the places you need to see in your town you can still revisit all these places with your friends or visit places you haven’t had the chance to visit before. You might just discover new places you haven’t seen before and possibly your next girls night out destination.

Karaoke and dance night

A karaoke and dance night is going to be a perfect girls night out activity, if you are not so sure who the best singer or dancer in your group is, then this will be a great opportunity for you to find out. All you need is a karaoke machine and a video game like just dance at home or you can have fun at the bar with both the karaoke machine and dance game.

Amusement Park

Going to the amusement park with your friends provides countless opportunities for fun and games. You can enjoy from roller coaster rides, merry go round and many more fun rides. You can also win prizes from playing several games at the amusement park where you can compete with your girls.

Some of these ideas don’t seem like a typical night out idea but it doesn’t always have to be about drinking. You can try something unusual for a change and have fun.

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