DIY 50th Birthday Party Ideas

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Organizing a birthday party for adults can be filled with more fun than ever!  There are lots of best birthday party ideas for 50th birthdays and guess what? They are all DIY. So, if you are looking for the best DIY 50th Birthday party ideas, browse through our list below and choose one that best suits you.

Black and White Party

Our first idea is the black and white party. After all, anyone celebrating his/her golden jubilee must definitely be from the black and white era. So, bringing up the black and white style in this generation should be much fun, why don’t you make it. To make it a more classical Black and White party, you can use art deco, elegance, and musical inspirations of the early 1960’s.  Incorporate these styles with modern and sleek table settings and dessert displays.

Picture-Perfect 50th Birthday

Another idea is to make a big bold statement of “50” using collections of your black and white photos. Print them all in various sizes.  Arrange them on the floor or on a cardboard to make number 5 0, then tape them together. You can stick the “50” picture collage on the wall or glue the cardboard on the wall.

Island Themed Party

This party idea is perfect for a beach, tropical, or island themed party.  Your dessert table may feature flip flop cookies, cake pops, mini Kahlua and rum cakes, and banana pudding.  You can also use cute little paper umbrellas as cherries on top.

Personal Details on Party Items

You can make your birthday party more sizzling with this fabulous idea! You would add some fun personal details, such as printing old photos of the celebrant on the party hats, embossed napkins, and the glass centrepieces.

Fifty Years of Memories

This part idea is also filled with fun and presents a nostalgic way of reminiscing about the past 50 years. Ask fifty people from the guest to write memories they have about the celebrant.  Number each memory 1 thru 50. And during the party, get your MC or moderator read out all 50 memories! To make it more fun, you may guess whom the memory is coming from.

Poker Night

Red and black themed poker party is another great DIY 50th birthday party idea! You create a fun banner with a deck of cards. You can also set a mobile with poker card symbols. Your guests would be high with fun and games with a fabulous dessert table filled with the easiest and most unique cakes.

Printable Photo Booth Props

Printable photo booth props are perfect DIY 50th Birthday party ideas that offers party full of entertainment and fun for adults. All you have to do is set up a makeshift photo booth with different props. Your guests would act like kids as they dress up in different props to take photographs during the party. Print out these photos for more fun.

Ice Cream Cone Balloons

Balloons also offer such a great way of decorating your 50th birthday party in an inexpensive way and guess what, it’s DIY and fun. So, if you want to make your birthday balloon decorations up a notch, try the ice cream cone balloons.  They are amazing and easy to create.

Nail Polish Bar

Finally, the DIY nail polish bar is an excellent idea for any adult birthday party. Your party guests would make their own custom colour nail polish, which is fun for a glamorous grown-up party.

You can choose any of the DIY 50th Birthday party ideas above or a combination of them to make your 50th birthday celebration more fun, entertaining, and a remarkable one.

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