Batman Themed Party

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If you have young boys, it is highly likely that there is some Batman related paraphernalia in your household (my boy is not even one and he’s got heaps!). If your sons dream is to be a little superhero for a day, you may want to consider throwing a Batman themed birthday party, complete with our amazing Batman jumping castle! To run with the Batman theme, here are some more ideas to make your party one to remember.

Invitations – We always recommend setting the theme early and invitations are the best place to start. Either purchase premade Batman invitations, which you can pick up from your local Big W party store for only $5, or print your own at home. Use a fun announcement as a header, e.g. “Calling Young Superheroes!”, “You are invited to the Batcave” and stick to black and yellow to set the theme.


Decorations – To get the ‘wow’ factor with less fuss, choose black and yellow (and blue if you like) streamers and balloons. We have also seen parties that have hung coloured lanterns in the backyard with the same great effect. Buying a large Batman logo to hang on a wall will solidify the Batman theme. You can purchase these from Big W or you can easily make them yourself cheaply by buying a sheet of black and yellow cardboard from your local newsagent, cutting out the black bat shape, and sticking it to the yellow. Talk about easy!
Here are a few more ideas to get you thinking:

  • Create capes using black material for each of your guests and place them at the table.
  • In one corner of the yard, you could create a ‘Batcave’ which is essentially a cubby house made using black material.
  • Use black and yellow material to create bunting.
  • Pick up Batman paper plates, cups, serviettes and table cloths. If unavailable, stick to black and yellow.
  • Hire yellow (and/or blue) kids’ chairs from us to complete the look!

Games/Craft – It’s always a good idea to have a few games prepared in case the party requires it. To go with the Batman theme, you could have the kids make their own batman mask. It’s best to prepare these in advance and have the children colour them in themselves. A few more ideas include:

  • Freeze dance – the kids dance to Batman music, when the music stops they freeze, everyone gets a lolly at the end of the game.
  • Balloon pop – place wrapped lollies in balloons before inflating them. These balloons are then the ‘baddies’ and the kids have to stomp on them to pop them and get their lolly!

Party favours – We have seen some unique party favours over the years, and lately we’ve seen many people giving each of their guest a Batman drink bottle, filled with lollies as their take home gift. You can buy these drink bottles from Kmart, Big W we’ve even seen them at Best and Less. Alternatively you can pick up novelty party bags from good party stores.


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