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Whenever we head to the party or thanksgiving meal, we encounter the delicious dressed/deviled eggs, which are commonly known as egg mimosa, Stuffed eggs, dressed eggs. With many more names and recipes around the world, the deviled eggs are delicious popular party food used as an appetizer or served cold in family parties. As it is one of the most delicious and satisfying dishes, the deviled eggs typically involve the boiling eggs and the shells being removed from it. The boiled eggs are then sliced into half, the yolk is removed and mashed with other ingredients like mustard sauce, pickles, paprika. The white are carefully saved so that they don’t tear and the mashed ingredients are scoped with a spoon and filled in the eggs, garnished and served cold and This dish has been introduced into the world after the world wars from Europe.

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On studying the origin and history of this dish’s recipe, we find that the Romans were the first to start this recipe, where the rich who can afford to buy eggs, were served with this dish as an appetizer before meals. From there the recipe appeared to the historians in Spain in the 1200s, Where the cookbooks described that the yolk was to be mashed in coriander, fish sauce, onion juice, pepper and cilantro. The paste is then served within the white of the egg, both halves of the eggs held in place with a toothpick, to make it appear as a whole egg. However, when you look further forward from Spain, across Europe the stuffed eggs were not served cold especially in the 1400s, instead served hot where they are stuffed and fried at times. The other times, they were stuffed with different varieties of flavours and served with a variety of sauces and sugars. They were named the deviled eggs for their nature of being hot and spicy food. The European version usually contained cheese, herbs and raisins.

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While the hot spicy versions were called “Deviled”, the sweet and less spicy version was called stuffed eggs or dressed eggs. Also very country named these eggs differently, where the people from Romania, Netherland, Sweden and Poland called them the “Stuffed egg” and The French people called it “Mimosa eggs”. They are also called the “Russian eggs”, for the ingredients added to it, and not because the recipe originated from Russia. The taste and the recipe for this dish, have been preserved as a family recipe as a part of the tradition. As this dish is mostly served as a part of the family gathering, the taste can be used to recognise the flavours of the tradition. The ingredients have now changed vastly, based on the taste and country. From adding mayonnaise, vinegar, kimchi, herbs, cheese, oil, olives, pepper, chilli flakes, onion juice, cream and more. The frying versions of deviled eggs are not followed in most of the recipes. Also, the modern recipe that currently followed around, is from the American versions.

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