8 ways to make your milestone birthday party most memorable

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Celebrating milestones of personal development marks many a people’s lives worth living. The strife to achieve much in a decade or so, such that at the end, you have something to spread joy with at the end and have fun with friends. Milestone birthday parties are significant in that they mark development or personal growth from one level to another. Isn’t that worth celebrating?

In order to host a perfect milestone birthday party, there are a few things that you may consider doing to enlighten the set the stage for fun, enlighten the mood and prepare people to have fun to the max. Let’s take a look at these ways.

  1. Send an e-vite to the guests.

What a considerate way to kick-start a milestone party! Sending invites to guests helps them prepare psychologically for what to expect, the dress code and the party details.  For the invites, you can choose to go digital with a well decorated card sent out to your circle on email or social media, or, you can go old school with hand decorated cards that give the color theme of the whole party.

  1. Go for a color-themed party

Choose a variety of combination of colors depending on the theme chosen and the preference of the host but strive to minimize them to three focal colors at most. You can also add colored or decorated paper plates, birthday napkins, latex balloons and wrapped boxes with an almost similar color theme to make the venue sparkle.

  1. Set up a focal point

This is where all the action goes down. This could be a champagne bar to indicate a casual party with fancy celebratory ending. Achieving this is simply and tricky at the same time since it is where the thematic of the party will revolve. This could even be the photo point where all the memorable snaps are taken.

  1. Consider a thematic wall décor

A milestone party wouldn’t seem like one until you get the decorations right. Not only on the tables but also on the walls and doors. Get a theme, for example a classic jazz theme, and decorate the walls with say large music discs or cut-outs of jazz equipment.

  1. Put up a live element

For this milestone birthday party, consider adding a vase of flowers to create a great look of elevation and beauty. Freshly baked cakes would also work a great deal in making this event as lively as possible.

  1. Humorous décor to enlighten the mood

Entertain your guests by adding humorous quotes to a milestone birthday party. For a 40th birthday, for example, put up a post like “kiss your youth goodbye” on the wall décor or on the birthday cake to actively engage the guests and making turning 40 seem like the greatest thing ever (which it is by the way).

  1. Add fun party activities

Games never get old! Party games are not only meant for kids’ birthday parties anymore. Add fun photo props for the guests and awesome dancing games to make the guests jovial.

  1. Summarize the fun with an enticement

Give your guests a token of appreciation, or a parting gift as a way of acknowledging their presence at your milestone party and assisting you to usher in a brand new millennium or the beginning of a new phase.

There you have it. Now let your imagination run wild and your creativity roam free to create that ultimate milestone party!

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